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Humanitarian Trips: Camp Trip Itinerary

Ideally, all of the American participants will travel from the same airport, in order to arrive at Kiev at the same time. The group is met by an interpreter and taken to the train station. An express train from Kiev to Kharkov will take 5 hours. In some cases, due to the arrival time, you may go to Kharkov on an express bus instead of express train. After arriving at Kharkov, the group is taken to Camp "Aist" by a mini-van.

After arriving at the camp, you are first greeted by the local administration, then you get accommodated in your assigned room, and make yourself familiar with the camp’s territory. Depending on your arrival time, you might have 1 to 3 hot meals on your first day. All hot meals are scheduled as follows: breakfast – 8:30 am; lunch – 1:30 pm, dinner – 6:30 pm.

The trip is expected to be one-week long, not including arrival and departure days. The English camp is designed to last 6 days, Monday-Saturday, On Saturday night, the group travels back to Kiev and leaves for the US on Sunday.

Your trip can be extended based on your preferences, for example if you wish to stay for a few days longer to explore the region. Please note that you’ll incur all of the additional expenses while away from the group.

Adjustments to this itinerary are possible due to the arrival/departure time’s conflicts.  

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