Summer Language Camp

  An idea to organize summer language camps for Ukrainian orphans was born after our numerous visits to different orphanages, frank conversations with the orphanage personnel, plus the many years of observing orphans’ life during summer camps.

  Unfortunately, Ukrainian orphanages do not have budgets for English classes while kids are apparently eager to acquire new knowledge. With the new technologies affecting so many areas of the everyday life, English simply becomes a necessity these days. Web-surfing, social media, gadget usage are becoming more and more common in Ukrainian orphanages these days.

  The one-week English Camp has quite a simple objective – to introduce kids to the basic conversational topics in an interactive way, i.e. through a unique direct communication with the native speakers. The Camp has been designed as a 6-day learning course, i.e. the kids will have 2-3 hours of formal English every day, for 5 days followed by a final review day.

  A team of dedicated local volunteers comprising of the local college students, is a driving force for the camp. All of them are the English Study Department students eager to apply their skills to such an honorable mission. The volunteers will also assist our American guests as interpreters during the daily routine.


  In addition to the language component of the camp, we vision this project as a wonderful way of introducing underprivileged Ukrainian children to another world and culture. Through meeting with Americans and observing their good will and volunteer spirit, Ukrainian orphans have a unique opportunity to learn some important life skills, to get motivated for the future, and to be prepared for a tough transition into adulthood.


  On the other side, our American guests will have an opportunity to observe various aspects of the orphans' life, to socialize with the orphans in a casual environment, to share personal stories, to enjoy campfire songs, and to provide the gift of your kindness, attention, and love to these children in need. Please note that some of the children are special need kids.

  The 2016 summer camp have been scheduled for July 3-10.

  To learn more, please check Camp Overview and Requirements.


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