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Ukrainian Orphan Project (U.O.P.): Philosophy

Hosting through the UOP is not an adoption project, although we would be more than happy if any of the orphan-participants find forever families in the US. We do not believe in the numerical approach towards measuring a "success rate" of the hosting programs. The growing number of hosting programs organized by adoption agencies, sometimes claim almost 100% adoption success rate. The statistical percentage of those, who did not make it, are the REAL children who had to experience a rejection, possibly for the second time in their lives. We care about EACH ORPHAN, and therefore we find it immoral to give these children any promises and coach them before this hosting experience. We are aware of multiple cases where orphans, who were not adopted after visiting the US, became depressed and emotionally hurt, with the thought that they "did not please their prospective American family".

The children for the UOP are selected as very bright, excellent students, healthy, and sociable. These are criteria which qualify them for this unique and sometimes challenging cultural exchange experience. Our reliable Ukrainian representatives spend countless hours advising and talking to orphan-participants before and after their trip to the US. These children are not forgotten once the program ends. Contact is usually maintained between the orphans and their host families after the hosting experience, with possible multiple trips back to the US. US-Russia Global Exchange firmly believes that no child should be left behind or forgotten.

Again, this statement does not preclude us from wishing that all of these children will find loving and forever families in the United States, but the number one priority for US-Russia Global Exchange remains that the program is an enriching cultural experience for both orphans and US families.

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