Program Overview

The educational portion of our leadership program is a unique combination of teaching conversational English and leadership skills conjointly. It is custom-made and has been developed by our team after 5+ years of running English Camps overseas.

The program is organized as a 7-day learning course that includes 2 formal sessions/workshops a day. The leadership content is presented through a series of topics offered to the campers in English. The topics are taught in an interactive way allowing the modeling of the best leadership practices, followed by a final review.

In addition to the formal component of the program, casual socializing with the campers is one of the ultimate goals of the project. We believe that just through meeting with American youth leaders and observing their good will and volunteer spirit, Ukrainian children would already have a unique opportunity to learn some important life skills, get motivated for the future, and be better prepared for the transition into adulthood as world citizens.

All volunteers are expected to contribute to the content by sharing their leadership experiences, creating youth-appropriate role-plays as well as being actively involved in the campís daily routine. Most of the hours away from the formal sessions will be dedicated to informal conversational practice, book reading, story sharing, etc.

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