Camp Reports


The Summer 2018 Camp became a turning point in our work. After 3 years of the successful English Program, we felt that there was a need to further advance our humanitarian goals and their applications. In the course of teaching English, we noticed how eager our participants were to absorb universal moral values and new cultural attributes, combined with their tremendous enthusiasm in adopting the best practices. These observations led us to pivoting the focus of our summer camps to Youth Leadership taught through English. Considering the categories of children we served, the emphases on potential leadership and personal development seemed to be especially meaningful.

We were assigned to a new location, the Forest Meadow (Lesnaya Polyana) Camp, which was accommodating 150+ children from several underprivileged categories at the time of our visit, July 21-28.

The program was run in its traditional format, i.e. several hours of formal language classes a day followed by informal reading and conversational sessions. The leadership topic was applied throughout the entire educational content and reflected such components as: vocabulary expansion, story selection, role-play exercises, oral discussions, teamwork activities, etc.

A traditional Award Ceremony with prizes and acknowledgments was held at the end of our course. Thanks to a generous donation from the Palo Alto Children’s Theater, each program participant received a water bottle and a tote bag featuring Buoyancy Teen Music & Art Festival.

Aside from running our program, we truly enjoyed Forest Meadow’s busy schedule, which included a bunch of activities like Dance Contests, The Local Olympics, Talent Shows and many more.

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