Camp Reports



The Summer 2019 Leadership Camp was once again held at Forest Meadow, which we really enjoyed from the year before. It was great to see familiar faces as well as meeting our new participants. At the time of our visit, July 21-28, the camp was accommodating over 130 children and approximately half of them, representing disadvantaged groups, became our students.

Our team was composed of 6 volunteers, each serving a table/team of students working collaboratively on various tasks. The program was carried out in its settled format that included both formal classes and casual interactions. As a primary theme for the entire program, we used  the history of the YMCA, in particular the historical context behind the Y.M.C.A. song lyrics. Assignments and activities were designed around such aspects as teamwork, personal growth, leadership potential, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, etc.

We were impressed with our students’ enthusiasm and willingness to absorb the new material. By the end of the program, the majority of our participants fully memorized the Y.M.C.A lyrics and were exuberantly singing it!

Our continued partnership with the Palo Alto Children’s Theater allowed rewarding each participant with a drawstring backpack featuring the Buoyancy Teen Music & Art Festival. Other prizes included: shades, school supplies, water bottles, toys, socks, and other goodies.

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