Camp Reports



For the Summer 2017 English Camp we had a new host – the BMV Camp – located in the picturesque Berminvody Mineral Water Resort that was established in 1862. Regretfully, our lovely Camp Aist where we spent two previous summers had been liquidated.

At the time of our visit, July 17-24, the BMV Camp was accommodating almost 500 kids, being one of the largest commercial summer camps in the region. Thanks to the local government’s funding, each commercial camp in the county was obliged to host underprivileged children whose  stay at the camp was fully covered. 60+ such kids became our students. Among them were: orphans, refugees, special need children, kids from families in crises, etc.

Our team was made of 5 volunteers, two of whom were former orphans themselves – Oksana I. from Zeleny Guy orphanage and Jenia Z. from Kochetock. We were very impressed with these young ladies’ dedication and willingness to help kids that they could relate to.

Our students were divided into several groups, so that we could teach English in a small group setting. The morning sessions were topic-based while the afternoon hours were dedicated to conversational practice. As usual, the US Map Contest, the Guessing Game, and the Puzzle activities were among the favorites. In addition to our own program, we had a chance to participate in BMV’s scheduled events and activities. Among them were: the Talent Show, Song Contest, Quest Adventure, and others.

At the end of our course, we carried out our traditional Award Ceremony with prizes and acknowledgments. Each participant received something and surprisingly, the most appreciated prize turned out to be … American chewing gum!


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